Netgear Powerline

Nowadays we’ve more than one technology to connect our devices.

Our printer has to move into the technic room an therefore it needs connectivity in there.

I don’t want to install cable or use wifi, so the powerline seems a good alternative.

Parallax 96 dpi Serial Inkjet Printer Kit

Want to learn about inkjet printer technology, and apply it with a robot or by waving an inkjet nozzle over a piece of paper? Parallax, Hewlett-Packard Specialty Printing Systems, and Matt Gilliland have combined to produce this unique kit. The hardware and documentation are designed around HP’s Thermal Inkjet 1.0 technology. Using the Parallax Serial Inkjet Printer board, your microcontroller sends a string of serial data which is printed as 1/8” tall characters. Waving the inkjet cartridge over a piece of paper or mounting it on a Boe-Bot produces print-quality text in the font of your choice!“