Congratulations – 65 years Mares scuba equipment

I own and use Fins, Mask, Wetsuit, Regulator, Octupus, 1 stage and a few other things from Mares for fun diving and been satisfied.

For advanced dives I use a few different items like Waterproof Dry-Suit and so on.

Keep it up -Mares !



Google Street View goes underwater!/ocean

Keep dry while being underwater. When they need help taking underwater pictures, just give me a SVII underwater camera and I’ll do the job !

Hopefully more people became aware of the sensitive underwater biosphere and the need of protection.


Open Water Diver – PADI

Since it was  some time ago that I finished my diver course by DIWA (Diving Instructor World Association), it was a good choice doing the Open Water Diver course by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

It was really fun and I decided to do the Peak Performance Buoyancy course directly thereafter.