MSP430 mein neues Spielzeug

So endlich ist mein neues Spielzeug angekommen. Mein neuer MSP430 von Texas Instruments

„It’s easy to rev up your application in minutes with the new eZ430-F2013, the world’s smallest complete development tool for only $20! The tool provides all hardware and software needed to evaluate the MSP430 MCU or complete an entire F20xx project. The F20xx combines 16 MIPS performance, less than 1 microamp standby current, with your choice of analog converters – from a comparator, fast 10-bit ADC to 16-bit sigma-delta with integrated PGA – all in a package as tiny as 4×4 mm. Designing with the world’s lowest power MCU just got even easier.

mal schauen was das Teil so kann. Ich bin gespannt.

tool_usb.gif (Texas Instruments)