Native iPhone App in 3 minutes with Jiggy

„Simply put, Jiggy is the easiest way to create applications for the iPhone (or iPod Touch). With just Jiggy and a browser, you’ll be able to write an awesome iPhone application in a matter of minutes. JiggyApps run natively on the iPhone, so there is no messing around with HTML and the limitations of Mobile Safari. At the same time, you don’t need a compiler or even a Mac, because JiggyApps are written in JavaScript.“

The internet of things – tikitag

„tikitag is a service that enables anyone to link real world objects with the online world and make applications accessible with a single touch.“

Start your on tagging with the starter package for just 34.95 € or 49.95 USD (yes american customers can buy it at amazon) and start tagging your things with the 25 included tags.

I’m remember a german TV documentation about the so called „Internet der Dinge (Internet of things)“, the tikitag thing is definitely the manifastation of this idea. Nice must have item.

PIC32 Design Contest

„Welcome to The Microchip PIC32 Design Challenge

The objective of this full-year, four-phase Design Challenge is to foster a social community where contestants can build, test, and display their designs, based on the PIC32 Starter Kit, to the community. A set of three judges, as well their Community Member peers, will vote to see who survives each phase. Winners receive great prizes along the way! The contestant that makes it through the four phases and is voted the 2008 PIC32 Design Challenge’s Ultimate Embedded Designer will win a high-end home theatre system (or cash equivalent) worth over $8,000!“


BUMS Project – Bathroom Utilities Management System – PIC32 Based

„The PIR sensor is used to detect when someone enters the room, the system will then turn on the lights, the door contacts and the pressure sensor will be used in conjuction with the PIR to determine if someone is still in the room, (possibly sitting on the toilet!) so the lights wont turn off while the person is still in the room. Each user will have an RFID tag or iButton , so each users utility usage can be datalogged on the PC. Each user will have a preset amount of time in the shower, the system will alert the user when their time is almost up. The Proximity sensor will be used to detect a user and control the faucet water flow. The humidity sensor will be used to control the exhaust fan, if someone is using the shower, or steam builds up in the room, the exhaust fan will be turned on automatically. An application on the PC side will enable the Administrator to override any functions remotely, or view“