Sparky – Autonomous Telepresence Robot

„The name Sparky is based on an acronym for “Self Portrait Artifact – Roving Chassis I” an awkward title for an art project begun in the early 90’s. Since that time Sparky has evolved from an oversized RC toy with a couple of “baby monitor” video cameras into a fully web-enabled autonomous telepresence robot.

Trip to India – 3

Was fällt dem Mediziner ein wenn er Indien hört ? Richtig, Salmonella enterica Serovar typhi, oder einfach Typhus. Da man trotz den normalen Schutzmassnahmen wie der Verzicht auf ungekochtes Essen, ungeschältes Obst und dem trinken von Leitungswasser nicht ganz vor Typhus geschützt ist, sollte man eine Impfung in Betracht ziehen. Dies haben wir auch gemacht, und Dank ärztlicher Versorgung in Familie und Freundeskreis sogar ohne Praxisgebühr den Impfstoff Thyphim Vi für knapp 25,- EUR bekommen. Dann nur noch die Spritze in den Oberarm und schon ist man 60% sicherer.

BASIC Stamp Supercomputer

„My Supercomputer! I got the idea to make a supercomputer at the hobby level to demonstrate the concept. It beats out the worlds fastest supercomputer in ten categories!

* Smaller
* Lighter
* Portable
* Field Operable
* Runs on Batteries
* Has the Greatest Number of (I/O)
* Has the greatest Number of Sensors/Variety
* Lowest Power Consumption
* Lowest Unit Cost
* Easiest to Program

It’s a simple hobby project using 11 Parallax Basic Stamp microcontrollers (12 by the time you read this). These „computers“ are connected together for hardware/software clustered parallel processing. It’s a fantastic learning tool and can control 176 peripherals/sensors. One application is for the more rapid development of robotic sensors and software.“

Google Mobile App for your iPhone

„Google Mobile App helps you find the information you need quickly and easily with instant access to Google Search.

  • Search with your voice so you don’t have to type. New!
  • Search with My Location makes finding business, weather, and movie info easy. New!
  • Suggestions appear as you type to save you time.
  • Launch Gmail, Google News, and more from one place.“