Jamendo – mach die Ohren auf – freie, legale und unlimitierte Musik

„Jamendo ist eine Community für freie, legale und unlimitierte Musik, die unter Creative Commons Lizenzen veröffentlicht wurde.
Empfiehl und teile deine Musik, downloade deine Lieblingskünstler!“



ioBridge – Remote Control and Monitoring

„We bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world

Our purpose at ioBridge is to remove all the hurdles involved with connecting DIY projects to the web. This goal has been out of reach for all but the most tech savvy. Controlling or monitoring devices over the web requires proficiency in circuit design, network architecture, scripting languages and website design. Even if all those requirements are met, connectivity issues between devices on a local network and the web render many projects impractical.“



Must have gps applications – Real time gps ski maps

„First real time interactive GPS ski maps hits the slopes. Find out what features are included with the Satski GPS:

  • Navigation
  • Resort Information
  • Emergency Feature
  • Ski Viewer
  • Real Time Replays
  • Google Earth 3D



1LT/C – One Laser Tag Per Child


„Here it is, just ummm…. 6ish months late for those of you who saw its debut at ‘The Last HOPE’. For everyone else: 1LT/C is a machine that is capable of running  L.A.S.E.R. Tag for a cost of about $200, providing you get creative and make your own case out of oh… say cardboard? The end result is still well below $300 after you toss in a cheap keyboard+mouse and house everything in a Pelican case as pictured above.“