Rather than ordering online in the Apple store I bought my new gadget in real life in a Gravis store . It was a spontanously decision, because I see online that gravis had the 64GB wifi/3G model in stock at their stores. So up the city and no available parkingplace – grrr. After a roundtrip trough the city I managed to get a place and finaly 830 € later I’ve my IPad and a leather case from Networx, because of the lack of original leather cases from Apple – another grr. But my first impression of the case is quit good. It’s from the design point of view like some kind of a filoflex.

The new team member- iRobot Roomba 520

It really works. I love him, it’s so much fun to see him vacuum clean the floor. The action noise is absolute ok and didn’t disturb me by office work. You can even telephone while he’s working. Why I didn’t bought one earlier ? The decision for the 520 model was for testing reasons and because of comments at online forums. The price for the 520 was just 280 € and it is worth every cent.