Shorten your URL with

„What is is a utility that allows users to shorten a long URL, share it, and then track the resulting usage

How does work? up

We offer a variety of ways for users to shorten links –

  • Use the form on as you would any other URL shortener
  • Use the browser bookmarklet that you can drag (in Firefox) or right-click->Add to Favorites (in Internet Explorer) to your bookmark bar from the right side of the home page
  • Use the browser sidebar that is also available on the home page
  • Prefix any long URL in your browser’s address bar (including the „http://“) with „“ and be redirected to the main page with the link automatically shortened for you
  • Use one of the many desktop and mobile applications that integrate directly with
  • Use the API (http:/ to integrate programmatically into your own applications and workflows

Links shortened with any of these methods will appear in your Userx History if you are logged into when you create or use them.“

Nice service tool.