HDCP – HDMI security

This article and link is just for information and research proposes only, because the possibility of breaking the HDMI security HDCP was shown before.

But that this can be done „so easily“ was surprisingly for me.

„I should point out here that I’m not claiming to have anything to do with breaking it. I’m not even going to tell you about some new and interesting way of breaking it that I’ve discovered (although I will show you how easy it is to exploit the vulnerabilities).

So how do we go about figuring out what’s really going on under the hood?

Well, the first thing I did was to build myself an HDMI breakout cable. This turned out not to be as daunting a task as I at first thought. In fact it’s pretty simple:

Get a nice short HDMI cable and cut one end off, or, better still, get a longer one and cut it in half, make two, and give one to your local hackspace!

I had one that had been stepped on, so I just cut the broken end off (my other half thinks I’m more than a little mental for „hoarding“ this kind of crap: „Why the hell would you want to keep that broken cable???“, but being able to do stuff like this on the spur of the moment on a rainy Sunday afternoon (did I mention I live in England?) is the lifeblood of the hacker!)

The magic search term for this is „HDMI Screw Terminal“. Once you know that you’ll find loads of them, and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to figure that out in the first place. 🙂

Now you can plug the remaining end of your HDMI cable into the socket, and then buzz through each wire on the cut end to each of the screw terminals. As you find each one, screw it in. This will only take a couple of minutes, and once you’ve finished, the cable will be entirely looped back on itself, with each pin connected one for one, like this:






Choosing a new mobile phone

From time to time, exactly every 2 years customers have to choose between quit or extending the mobile contract. The business terms of t-mobile been fine and when extending the next choose will be between invoice credit or a new phone. Mostly my decision had been the new phone, but which one ?

The technical data was discussed alot and I’ll not repeat it here. I hadn’t experience with the Microsoft Windows 8 OS until now and no time to test. Still Android and iOS on the list. The new Nexus and the Sony Xperia Z wasn’t available at the time of ordering and the other competitors are to heavy in their dimensions for a mobile phone. Decision between Android, iOS and Windows 8 was a neck-and-neck race and the key point had been the invested money in Apps. Binding the hardware and the software in the way Apple does makes it some kind of difficult to change the operation system.

iPhone 5 slims in weight and is still good-looking, overall a good decision.

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Mobile technology history

Looking for information about the A-Net, the first mobile infrastructure in Germany, I found this website with comprehensive information.

The site informs about the technology between 1950 and 1994, because after 1994 the market spread extremely fast into a confusing situation with alot of different technics and mobile phones.






via http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-Netz

An introduction to wireless charging

“ An introduction to wireless charging: changing the way we think about power

Smartphones are changing the way we live our lives, both online and off. With each new model, we are used to getting more processor speed, new features and programs, and entire new ways of using them. Despite increased capabilities, battery life simply hasn’t kept up. For most users, phones are sending out sad bleeps by lunchtime, signaling a low battery.

Wireless charging is set to change this. We want to eradicate the problem of the dead battery.“

Read more : http://www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/what-we-do/how-it-works/

„The Wireless Power Consortium created and maintains Qi (pronounced “chee”), the global standard for compatible wireless charging. The Qi standard guarantees that any device carrying the Qi logo will work with any charging surface that carries the Qi logo, regardless of manufacturer or brand.

Qi is backed by over 100 industry-leading companies, who support it because it allows design freedom, product differentiation, and guaranteed wireless charging interoperability .WPC also provides easy access to the essential patents.“