Acronym for 300 bucks please – TUI

TUI – no, not the traveling company.

Text-based user interface (TUI), also called textual user interface or terminal user interface,[clarification needed] is a retronym that was coined sometime after the invention of graphical user interfaces, to distinguish them from text-based user interfaces. The concept of TUI refers primarily to the way of output and does not coincide with command-line interfaces which is a certain user input mode. An advanced TUI may, like GUIs, use the entire screen area and does not necessarily provide line-by-line output, although TUIs only use text, symbols and colors available on a given text environment.“


It’s always fun to see two people from different departmends and backround talking about the same acronym (in this case „TUI“), but from a different context and point of view.

So, they mean completely unequal things and been surprised that the other didn’t understand.


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