Scooba 230 another robot joins the team

Roomba has still strongly approved his postion in the team and today another robot arrives with DHL Express von iRobot US. The Scooba 230 is a floor washing robot and the perfect addition to the roomba which vacuum cleans the floor. Unfortunately the Scooba 230 wasn’t orderable in Germany until now and so I’ve to import it from the USA. Thanks to DHLs worldwide logistics the parcel arrives in just 5 days. And now after completly charged the floor washing may begin.

VW Golf 6 Media-In Adapter – iPhone

In combination with the VW radio RCD-310 my Golf 6 Team Edition can use the iPhone as the media storage device. When buying my car a USB to Media-In-Adapter was included.

The radio button are used to control the iPhone media and the hands are free for driving. When connecting the iphone with the media-in adapter in the middle console the external device was detected, but an error appears on the iPhone screen that the external device is not verified by Apple and can result in sound problems.

Volkswagen has an update on the website to update the radio.

I’m still locking forward the day we can update our car with an new firmeware by ourself.

Personaly I haven’t experienced any sound or other problems. It’s still low priced an can be bought for 36,20 online at the VW e-shop or the local VW dealer.

iOS 5 for developers

„iOS 5, the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, includes over 200 new user features, and an updated SDK with over 1,500 new APIs and powerful new development tools. Start developing today to take advantage of iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, Twitter and new Game Center APIs.“

iOS 5 Opens Door to True 1080p Apple TV

„iOS 5 appears to unlock new 1080p capabilities for the iPad 2, allowing video in the 1080p format to be synced and played directly on the device. While the iPad 2 is of course unable to directly display full 1080p content on its own screen, many users are interested in outputting such content to larger screens, and it also opens the door to a true 1080p Apple TV. “

Thursday June 9, 2011 1:09 pm PDT by Eric Slivka,

Diving again

My last dive is still some time ago, but now with some diving enthusiastic friends we will visting Sipadan /Malaysia in August.

It’s one of the worldwide hottest diving spots. Only a hand full of divers are allowed to dive per day and the permission is best ordered before the holiday.

The best thing about diving are the possible tech stuff. Like the HUD diving mask including the dive computer.

The diving computer data will be displayed in the mask. These masks will be used by special navy forces. Oceanic offer the DataMask HUDfor around 1100 $.

After seen the video, the Oceanic  DataMask HUD is a really must have item. But I should check even for other possible masks with the same technology before ordering.


Unpacking of Apple TV

I feel some kind of growing addiction  to apple products and that’s not for their open source philosophy, but indeed their products are damn well designed.
For me all began with the iPhone and now even a Macbook Pro becomes an option.
But I own a lot of other devices with other OSs on it, so it’s a real Ying/Yang hard- / software coexistence.

Correction, my first apple device was the ipod 2 black with 8GB and it’s still doing a great job in holidays on 15 and more hour flights.

IOIO for Android Beginners Guide

„This is the beginners guide for the IOIO for Android board and is intended for users that have never written an Android app. The goal of this tutorial is to show how to write a simple app that communicates with the IOIO board.“

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