Die Automatische Bar für die nächste Party

Ok, ich mag Technik. Und ich liebe Technik, die sogar eine nützliche Funktion erfüllt. Solch ein Projekt ist „The Automated Bar“. Drinks in 10 Sekunden – das schafft kein Barkeeper.

  • Currently only 13 pumps – 16 are possible.
  • About 150 preprogrammed drinks with current configuration
  • Available Ingredients:
    * Amaretto
    * Cranberry Juice
    * Gin
    * Grenadine (Watered down to make it easier to pump)
    * Midori
    * Orange Juice
    * Pineapple Juice
    * Rum
    * Sour Mix
    * Tequila
    * Triple Sec
    * Vodka
    * Whiskey
  • Carbonated beverages are not in the bar because the pumps will flatten the liquid before it pumps it, making flat drinks. Also, I’m considering replacing the grenadine because it’s so think.
  • After use, the bottles are unscrewed from the pumps and cleaned. Hot water is also flushed through the tubes to clear out any leftover liquids.
  • Programmed in VB 6.0
  • Controlled entirely using the number keypad.
  • Runs on an old Compaq PIII running Windows XP with an even older Apple monitor (both donated) and 2 K108 serial control relay boxes.
  • Costs about $150 to fill with alcohol and other ingredients each time it’s used.
  • A setting in the program always for the cost of each drink to show up on the screen. I’ve considered a debit system to pay for drinks and even tried to get a card swipe to work with it. But at this time I only ask for donations to cover the cost of drinks and the price is hidden from view.
  • Total cost to build the bar: about $400, but I lost track after a while.