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The pioneering versatile open source TV box
GeekBox – A leading product of Cross- Boxes, a Game Changer

Unlike Traditional TV box which turns the television into an intelligent platform like smart phones or tablet PCs, GeekBox will break this balance by not only fulfilling the aforementioned fundamental missions, but also opening an open-source project. GeekBox not simply a piece of hardware, but a DIY carrier, which carries all kinds of ideas and dreams from geeks. Opening a new era of box – an era of cross-box & open-source box with unfathomable capabilities.“


What the hack – Several MediaTek-Powered Android Devices Vulnerable to Attack

„Several Android smartphones and tablets powered by MediaTek chipsets are vulnerable to security attacks due to a software bug. The flaw, if exploited, allows an attacker to glean private data including photos, contacts, and even remotely monitor all traffic. The chipmaker confirmed the existence of the vulnerability to Gadgets360, and added that its security team is currently working on the issue.“

But MediaTek only implemented the feature for debugging only and the phone manufacturers didn’t disabled the feature in the end product.

„After testing, phone manufacturers should disable the de-bug feature before shipping smartphones. However, after investigation, we found that a few phone manufacturers didn’t disable the feature, resulting in this potential security issue.“

Maybe standard disabling such features would be the better decision when the phone and other device manufacturers didn’t know or don’t care about security issues.


Temboo IoT website

„Temboo generates production-ready code to connect your hardware or software application to over 100 APIs.

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