Arduino serial vs SerialUSB Video

„Difference between SerialUSB and Serial on Arduino DUE [Analyzing Arduino USB Packets on WireShark]“

Endlich mal wieder ein erfreuliches Thema als Beitrag. Mit Themen wie Gesellschaft, Politik und aktuell daraus resultierenden Problemen wollte ich mich niemals so intensiv beschäftigen müssen. Leider gehöre ich zur Kategorie die gerne Herausforderungen lösen und die Welt besser machen möchten, allerdings Verantwortungsethisch !

Beyond Arduino

Arduino 101 – Intel IoT Curie Modul

outside USA the Arduino 101 labeled Genuino 101


Arch Pro – Seeedstudio NXP LPV1768 Cortex M3


Wireless Motion-Sensing Gaming Glove for the Commodore 64

The sensor on the glove is based on the SoMo by SonicWear, a wearable Arduino-compatible device that is intended for creating interactive dance and music performance.  SoMo contains a 9-DOF accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer, microprocessor, battery, and XBee transmitter and receiver pair. Since it’s Arduino-compatible, it can easily be reprogrammed for custom applications.

glove_block glove_nico


DiveDuino – DIY dive computer

“ What is DiveDuino?

Right now Diveduino will not replace your dive computer, but it can log your depth and temperature during your dive, saving it to a MicroSd Card in a TEXT file format so you can import it to excel and do your fancy dive profile graphics, no need of special $100 USD cables that all the diving equipment manufacturing companies sell. Plus it has a display for that information with a actual graph of your dive profile.How it came to my mind?

DiveDuino came to my mind since I am an active diver and I enjoy the sport. I am an electrical engineer and at work I came across with the Arduino platform. Dive computers are expensive, if you want all the fancy features, you can find some computers for about $150 USD and others for about $1500 USD. Every basic dive computer has this indicators: No Decompression Limit(NDL), depth, temperature and elapsed time. So why not create something with the help of the Arduino open source platform, I found a sensor that could interact with Arduino and the rest is the prototype that I am building.“

Project is still fund raising at Kickstarter