Tiny, cheap and easy ARM9@400Mhz Linux Embedded module for 9.99 €

„Buy Arietta G25 right now, the cost will go up until it gets to the final price of EUR 19.99.

The preorder 9.99 € version will have 128MB DDR2 RAM, the version with 256MB DDR2 RAM can be ordered for 16.99 €.

Hardware Features (preliminary)

Please note that these features may undergo slight changes before the final release:

  • Cpu ARM9 @ 400Mhz on Atmel AT91SAM9G25 SoC
  • Ram 128 (or 256) MByte DDR2
  • MicroSD holder hinge type for up to 32GB bootable Linux microSD (memory card not included)
  • Placement for a IEE802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module with internal or external antenna (not included)
  • Pads compatible with the Debug Port Interface pinout to have a direct access to the MPU serial debug port (TXD0,RXD0 @ 3V3)
  • USB 2.0 ports lines (D+, D-):
    • 1 hi-speed host/device
    • 1 hi-speed host
    • 1 full-speed
  • UARTs: 3 ports
  • I2C: 1 bus
  • SPI: 1 bus with up to 3 chip select (5 to 50 MHz)
  • PWM: up to 6 lines
  • A/D converters: 4 channels@10 bit
  • User configurable led on board
  • No video and LAN interface. A new Cortex A5 device with TFT and LAN built on Acqua A4 SoM will be launched in the next days.

  • Size: about 25x50mm
  • Power supply: single 3.3 Volt DC
  • Line levels: TTL 3.3V (NOT 5V tolerant)
  • Operative temperature range: -20 +70 °C
  • Placement for 20×2 pitch 2,54mm (100mils) pinstrip (not included)
  • Optionally available with mounted male straight or 90°C or female pinstrip
  • PCB layers: 8
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Low EMI
  • Availability: > 5 years
  • Designed and Made in Italy
  • Schematic available (as soon as possible)
  • Stocks of bulk empty PCB available for autonomous manufacturers (in october 2014)

Software Features

  • Linux Kernel version 3.13.
  • EmDebian Grip Linux „Wheezy“
  • Bootable Linux microSDs available on Acme Systems eShop or free microSD images available from the Acme binary repository to make the microSD by yourself.
  • Complete tutorials to build all from sources:
  • Fully open source firmware, software environments and toolchains available for free
  • Freely available tutorials and code examples
  • Thousands of Open Source ready to use packages available from the Debian Wheezy for Armel repositories
  • Almost all programming language available
  • GNU C, Python, Perl and PHP already installed on microSD for in-board development.
  • Codiad Web based IDE to edit your sources directly via Browser
  • Shell-in-a-box Web based AJAX terminal emulator to have access to the Linux command prompt“



Breakout – Connect the web and the physical world

„Breakout is a prototyping tool for exploring the intersection of the web and the physical world. The popular Arduino platform and the Firmata protocol are leveraged to enable users to access physical input and output purely from javascript. This makes it easy for anyone familiar with javascript and basic web development to explore the possibilities of using physical I/O in their web applications. Furthermore, the Breakout framework includes a growing library of hardware abstractions such as buttons, leds, servo motors, accelerometers, gyros, etc enabling the user to easily interface with a range of sensors and actuators using just a few lines of javascript code.“



Everyone heared about the Arduino for Atmel. Now it’s posible to work with the modern PIC and use a arduino like board, the Jaluino.

„JAL (Just Another Language, version 2) is an open source programming language built for programming PIC microcontrollers. If electronics is your thing, JAL is for you!“


the 1-Key-Keyboard project

„The idea for a 1-key keyboard comes from the need as an interaction designer to make “cheap, quick and dirty prototypes.” When creating a quick screen-based demo in e.g. Adobe Flash, a common way of quickly prototyping physical actions is to assign actions to certain key presses on a keyboard. In more advanced prototypes, physical hacks to the circuit board from a keyboard are also often used to interface custom buttons and switches with a computer.“