„Germany and authoritarianism. Name a more iconic duo.“

Paul Watson beschreibt wieder treffsicher und pointiert die totalitäre Situation in Deutschland zu beschreiben. Germany and authoritarianism.

Mobile technology history

Looking for information about the A-Net, the first mobile infrastructure in Germany, I found this website with comprehensive information.

The site informs about the technology between 1950 and 1994, because after 1994 the market spread extremely fast into a confusing situation with alot of different technics and mobile phones.






via http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-Netz

iPad availability in Germany

Today the selling of the Apple iPad started in Germany. The units are very rare in the shops, so unfortunatly not everyone can buy one. So my spontaniously idea to order or buy one direct in the nearest Apple store in Hamburg was break through unavailability of a iPad for me. So the process of analyse the need for buying and owning that device starts. Ok the same process had happened with the iPhone before I decided to bought it. The really best benefit of the iDevices is the astronomical (just a image ;-)) mass of Apps. Anyone with reallife experience and good advices ?