Omate TrueSmart smartwatch

On Kickstarter the project sucessfully raised the funding goal and here are the:

Top 15 Reasons why TrueSmart is the Definitive Smartwatch 2.0

Omate TrueSmart

Omate TrueSmart Omate TrueSmart Omate TrueSmart Omate TrueSmart

Compared with the Samsung Galaxy Gear the Omate TrueSmart looks less weighty in respect to the weight/feature ratio.

Must have gps applications – Real time gps ski maps

„First real time interactive GPS ski maps hits the slopes. Find out what features are included with the Satski GPS:

  • Navigation
  • Resort Information
  • Emergency Feature
  • Ski Viewer
  • Real Time Replays
  • Google Earth 3D


GPS to SD-Card Data Logger

„This project combines a GPS receiver module, a Microchip PIC microcontroller and a Secure Digital memory card to make a GPS data logger.

With a large capacity and reasonably long battery life it is a very useful device for logging GPS position for example for mapping with OpenStreetMap