I packed my bag for india – daypack bag

I packed my bag and in it I put …

First of all I needed a new daypack bag.

My choose is the VentureSafe 25l Daypack from pac-safe.com. It’s a really good looking bag with Anti-Theft features and an extra laptop sleeve for the netbook.

It’s very ergonomic and comfortable to wear. I orderd the bag from my favorite outdoor specialist www.globetrotter.de. Only one day after placing the order online the package arrived. I hope that I don’t need to test the Anti-Theft features in real situations, but it’s good to know that it has it.


Travelling to india 2nd try

The first try to travel to India in December 2008 wasn’t successful, because of the event of terrorist attacks. For our own safety we decided not to fly, the alternative was a nice and enjoyable trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.  A few things need more than one try, so we booked tickets for October 2009 again. We hope that nothing unusual happens. On the plus side, we know the address of the embassy in Hamburg this time. It will be my first flight with THY – Turkish Airlines, because they had a excellent offer via opodo.de.



Singapore Airlines - A great way to fly

Trip to India – 4 chanceled

Indische Bekannte haben uns eindringlich davon abgeraten im Moment nach Indien zu reisen. Das Land ist nach den schrecklichen Anschlägen zur Zeit kein schönes Reiseziel für Touristen. Ferner berichteten Sie uns von einem persönlichen Bekannten, der den Anschlag persönlich miterleben musste, aber glücklicherweise körperlich unbeschadet aus der Situation herauskam.