It is LaunchPad time again – Texas Instruments Tiva™ C Series TM4C1294

Yesterday, sooner than expected my two Tiva™ C Series Connected LaunchPad arrived from Texas Instruments.

„Happy coding!“ was the text in the box under the board. I’m sure it will be fun.


Send Raspberry Pi Data to COSM

„The combination of connecting a Raspberry Pi to COSM makes creating a internet of things much easier than it has been in the past. The Pi with it’s easy access to ethernet / WiFi and COSM’s drop dead simple usability will graph all sensor data you send to it.

This tutorial explains how to connect a analog temperature sensor to the Pi and use a small python script to upload that data for storage and graphing on COSM.

The internet of things – tikitag

„tikitag is a service that enables anyone to link real world objects with the online world and make applications accessible with a single touch.“

Start your on tagging with the starter package for just 34.95 € or 49.95 USD (yes american customers can buy it at amazon) and start tagging your things with the 25 included tags.

I’m remember a german TV documentation about the so called „Internet der Dinge (Internet of things)“, the tikitag thing is definitely the manifastation of this idea. Nice must have item.