Laser Project – DIY Laser printer

„A few years back a good friend of my said to me „I have this great idea, lets mount a paint ball gun on an X,Y turret and make a huge inkjet printer!“ After a little research we found that it had already been done… (and the time that it has taken me to get this published the MythBusters have done it as well, search youtube)

Eventually we setteled on a servo driven mirror to aim laser light at photo paper to create a „Laser Printer““


dsPIC 30F6012 microcontroller Laser Light Show controller

Presented is a laser light show utilizing a ds-PIC controller as an arbitrary waveform generator (ARB). The controller allows vector patterns to be either stored in flash (program) memory or uploaded from a PC in a vector format. Analog output, via two 14-bit DACs, is fed to a commercial analog driver board and two high-speed galvo scanners.

The scanner currently resides in the laser lab at Niagara College (in V15) where it is used for both student labs as well as lab demonstrations. A portable scanner, packaged with a HeNe laser, was also created for ‚road show‘ use at promotional engagements – both use the same hardware and software.“