Lenovo x100e unpacking and first experience

The Lenovo x100e is my 3rd device in the kind of netbook/subnetbook. Starting with the first Asus Eee and Samsung N210.

My first experience with the x100e is quite good, even Thinkpad isn’t a IBM anymore, lenovo did a good job too. The only con for my opinion is the accupack, which is a little bigger than the x100e. But the very good display and keyboard helps to forget this point. For the very cheap price is a perfect little „Thinkpad“ without the high performance CPUs of the higher class xSeries Thinkpads (x200,x300). But for just traveling is quite a good choice.

Run Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) on a Dell Mini 9

“ I’m a huge fan of ultra portables! They are small, light and just powerful enough to do what you need to get done. Sure I run Windows (in VMware), but for me the Mac OS better fits my lifestyle, but if you are looking for an ultra portable you are going to have to look beyond Cupertino.

So, when I got the Dell mini 9 all I wanted to do was put Leopard on it. With a little bit of tinkering and some help from a good blogging buddy Kevin Tofel I was able to painlessly install 10.5.4 on the little guy.“