Internet radio unpacking and first impressions

Overall it’s worth buying. The need for an account on makes no sence for me, but ok we’ve seen worse things.

The Logitech squezebox looks elegant and solid even with the piano plastic surface.

When looking for an internet radio the Logitech or Philips series are shortlisted.

The decision for the Logitech was by the fact of some user reports mention problems with the philips ones.

After 2 weeks in use I think it’s a nice device with the only drawback of the must have account.



Software Defined Radio

“ A number of definitions can be found to describe Software Defined Radio, also known as Software Radio or SDR. The Wireless Innovation Forum, working in collaboration with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) P1900.1 group, has worked to establish a definition of SDR that provides consistency and a clear overview of the technology and its associated benefits.

Simply put Software Defined Radio is defined as :
„Radio in which some or all of the physical layer functions are software defined“ *

A radio is any kind of device that wirelessly transmits or receives signals in the radio frequency (RF) part of the electromagnetic spectrum to facilitate the transfer of information. In today’s world, radios exist in a multitude of items such as cell phones, computers, car door openers, vehicles, and televisions.

Traditional hardware based radio devices limit cross-functionality and can only be modified through physical intervention. This results in higher production costs and minimal flexibility in supporting multiple waveform standards. By contrast, software defined radio technology provides an efficient and comparatively inexpensive solution to this problem, allowing multi-mode, multi-band and/or multi-functional wireless devices that can be enhanced using software upgrades.

SDR defines a collection of hardware and software technologies where some or all of the radio’s operating functions (also referred to as physical layer processing) are implemented through modifiable software or firmware operating on programmable processing technologies. These devices include field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), digital signal processors (DSP), general purpose processors (GPP), programmable System on Chip (SoC) or other application specific programmable processors. The use of these technologies allows new wireless features and capabilities to be added to existing radio systems without requiring new hardware.“


Chumby grows up – Chumby 8

The Chumby 8:

„Faster, bigger, stronger and better than ever! chumby8 adds exciting new features, including:

  • Streamlined, intuitive navigation
  • Customize your content from your device; no need for a computer
  • Web browser support
  • Choose from ready-to-play themed channels
  • Free subscriptions — new content pushed directly to your device
  • Mix and match your photos, videos and apps
  • …and more! „

The price is 199,95 $ and can be ordered online directly in the chumby online store.

A review can be found at


VW Golf 6 Media-In Adapter – iPhone

In combination with the VW radio RCD-310 my Golf 6 Team Edition can use the iPhone as the media storage device. When buying my car a USB to Media-In-Adapter was included.

The radio button are used to control the iPhone media and the hands are free for driving. When connecting the iphone with the media-in adapter in the middle console the external device was detected, but an error appears on the iPhone screen that the external device is not verified by Apple and can result in sound problems.

Volkswagen has an update on the website to update the radio.

I’m still locking forward the day we can update our car with an new firmeware by ourself.

Personaly I haven’t experienced any sound or other problems. It’s still low priced an can be bought for 36,20 online at the VW e-shop or the local VW dealer.

DIY Wifi Radio

„This article is the first of a series that will document the development of a low cost, open source wireless streaming internet radio receiver. All construction details, including schematics, source code, and even the design process itself will be documented on this blog.“