Netgear wifi booster WN1000RP

I haven’t post pictures of the unpacking of my iPad Air last year therefore the pictures of the Netgear WN1000RP hadn’t been posted too.

So now I was able to write a 3 month review of my expierence with the Netgear wifi range extender. The setup is as easy as it can be.

All parameters can be edited via a webpage and after a reset everything works fine without need of further assistence.

Netgear WN1000RP


DIY Wifi Radio

„This article is the first of a series that will document the development of a low cost, open source wireless streaming internet radio receiver. All construction details, including schematics, source code, and even the design process itself will be documented on this blog.“

Gericht erklärt Nutzung eines privaten, offenen WLAN zur Straftat–/meldung/107969

Schluß mit lustig.

„Nach Ansicht des Richters stellt diese Art der Nutzung eines offenen Zugangs ein strafbares Abhören von Nachrichten sowie einen Verstoß gegen die Strafvorschriften des Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG) dar (Az. 22 Ds 70 Js 6906/06).“